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Restore - 8oz

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Restore is a natural way of providing your body with the tools it needs to help you feel your best. Restore uses soil-sourced and research-backed mineral supplements, that are lab tested and proven to strengthen tight junctions in the gut wall. The gut wall works hard with your immune system to keep your body feeling healthy, and the stomach lining is your frontline defense against toxins. Not only will Restore strengthen this vital part of your body’s defense against modern chemicals and bad bacteria. Restore will also create a positive environment for good gut bacteria to thrive and flourish.

Restore is designed to support your overall health and is backed with a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can also feel good knowing this is a USA-made product and 100% vegan. Your body and mind will thank you. Give Restore a try.

Does NOT need to be refrigerated. Shelf life is at least two years.


C. Nielsen Owens, November 2015
“About three weeks ago, we started using Restore for my Son who has SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). In that short time, it has taken the emotional edge off of his sensory. He is willing to try; he is pleasant, he has engaged in learning. And his teacher said he has only asked for gum during lunch. It has changed our world at home and school. Thank you!!”

A. Darroch, June 2015
“I met Dr. Bush and team while listening to Chris Shade’s talk at A1. I am from New Zealand and asked lots of questions. Just wanted to report that I have been using the product since coming back from the conference and have been pleased with the results. My daughter’s speech has improved as well as her general awareness. I have also put my Mum on it (85 yrs), and she is finding increased energy and mental clarity. Thanks so much for taking time in answering all my questions. I am so pleased to have found your product.”

J. Livengood, June 2015
“Hello, I am a member of Dr. Garry Gordon’s FACT group. Dr. Gordon told me on the phone about RESTORE nearly two months ago. I have now been using the product myself for about four days. I am STUNNED at the immediate results. It appears that I had leaky gut and didn’t realize it since I eat 75% organic and avoid “bad foods.” I was completely wrong about what I was previously persuaded of since I now see that I have had many symptoms of leaky gut. I have also observed the RESTORE made a huge difference in my life. This fact leads me to an important question. If I understand most of what I’ve been reading and listening to on your website, RESTORE does not in itself provide the bacteria for the gut, though it does provide a good environment for them in which to reproduce. What is the best method for increasing the speed in which those 30,000 strains of bacteria can return? I understand that eating fermented foods increases the number of strains of good bacteria … but 30,000? Is that all one needs to do, eat various fermented foods on a rotating basis? How do I get the good guys back quicker?”

[Note from Dr. Bush: “Eating a variety of organic plant-based foods, walking barefoot on the earth, petting your dog, even breathing – help increase the diversity of healthy bacteria. Bacteria are everywhere – get them from close contact with Nature.”]

L. Wood, January 2015
“This stuff is the real deal. I caught a horrible stomach virus while visiting my mom in the hospital a couple of years ago — the sickest I’d ever been in my life. My digestive system was a mess for months afterward. I bought some of this from my doctor and took a tiny amount every day for a month or so. It fixed everything. I do believe in it.”

A. Waxman, June 2014
“Restore has reduced inflammation in my body. I highly recommend it!”

D. Hazzard, May 2014
“I noticed my foggy brain clearing right away. After a month on RESTORE, I was finally able to sleep through the night again without the help of sleep aids.”

Mother of an anonymous student, January 2014
“RESTORE has helped my daughter. Since the second day of taking it, she has had a regular stool and no bloating. She said she couldn’t remember the last time she had “normal poop” and that her stomach is flat. She was out with friends last night, and they had pizza which normally destroys her, but she couldn’t believe her stomach remained calm. She came down this morning and said “Oh my gosh! You have no idea what this means in my life.”

S. Wallace, May 2013
“Hi, Dr. Bush. I’ve been taking the pre-biotic drink/solution that you sold at the workshop pretty religiously since then and owe you a big, gigantic THANK YOU – it has completely changed my life! If you remember, I’ve suffered from lactose intolerance for years, and it seemed to be getting much worse (I would have reactions even if I didn’t eat food with lactose). Not only have the random allergies stopped completely, but I’m able to eat foods that I couldn’t eat previously! And while I’m not running out and drowning myself in cheese and milk, it’s been incredible in social situations not to feel restrained and scared to eat something where I wasn’t 100% sure of the ingredients. THANK YOU!”

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